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Roger is known for his obsessive commitment, cinematic sensibilities and his deep appreciation of the actor-director relationship.

Creativity is the main event.

The most influential of man’s abilities is the capacity to create.

We all have the potential to change things for the better.  That’s what creativity does – it takes us forward.

Creativity is the force that turns problems into opportunities and opportunities into progress.

So why does that matter to young, hungry and ambitious creative people right now?

Because creativity now sits at the grown ups table.

Roger is one of the grown ups.

Friday 29 Oct 2010

Today marks the launch of

This large, biographical website contains some 117 seminal television commercials directed by RT over the past three decades.

We’ve spent the last four months finding and digitizing over 600 spots from the vault. We have tried to source the best copies, but many have come from old Umatics

I am still missing many spots from the eighties and would love to get my hands on them...

The new site has been cunningly built in HTML5 to play on iPads and iPhones by our own dodgy ozzie Stu Gotting. Thanx a mill Stu it really is the duxguts

So what does the future hold …

Monday 1st Nov

Opening of the High Country Rivers

RT should be back the office Tuesday arvo

Saturday 6th Nov

Opening of the South Canterbury high country rivers<

RT will out of the office Friday 5th till Tuesday the 8th

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